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User Interface / User Experience Design


Digital platform for temporary staffing needs.

Adecco | France, Switzerland

Improving the human resourcing process for employers & job seekers through 3 core platforms consisting of mobile apps & web apps.


Ecommerce for used construction products

Ecommerce | Construction | Sustainability  

A mobile App experience for buying & selling used & new construction products for companies.

Design Innovation & Service Design

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Active travel futures:
Certifying cycling skills

Master's project | Cycling Scotland | Urban Mobility

What if sustainable mobility ways are creating problems in sustainable mobility? Proposing a system to shape the cycling culture for a socially just sustainable mobility

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Encouraging health checkups in young adults

Master's project | NHS24 | Healthcare

Encouraging health checkups in young adults to identify preventative diseases. A service innovation proposal for NHS24 Scotland.


Reimagining the mentality of disposable masks

Master's project | Circular economy

Using circular economy principles to rethink the storage, delivery and dispensing of disposable masks to reduce the amount of waste generated.

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